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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

It’s summer. For many of us, it’s the 1/3 mark, although others are nearing the end. Either way, my message is the same. Enjoy every minute of your summer vacation because you seriously earned it.

Don’t feel guilty about lazing in bed for an extra hour in the morning, because soon you’ll be racing to get everything together before homeroom.

Enjoy your picnic lunch, lemonade on the porch, and ice cream cones after dinner. It won’t be long before you’re too busy to eat lunch and your after school hours are jammed with grading papers and driving your own kids to dance and soccer.

Savor afternoons with a beach read. Your literary selections will revert to student essays and classroom read-alouds. Listen to the sounds of summer mornings. Crickets and birdsong will soon be replaced by bells, lockers slamming, and requests for bathroom passes. I hope you will take in every moment of your vacation whether that means lounging on the sand, strolling museums, or playing with your kids in your own backyard. I wish you a healthy dose of tranquility and rest with minimal responsibility.

When the calendar turns, you will revert to

· Captive PD audience

· Gatherer of materials

· Planner of lessons

· Creator of assessments

· Classroom interior designer

· Disciplinarian

· Referee

· Counselor

· Nurse

· Soother of feelings

· Captain of safety drills

· Surveyor of dress code violations

· Target of overzealous parent complaints

· Locator of absentee parents

· Chief organizer and manager of classroom

· Combatant against ridiculous policies

· For some, the only adult that a student can rely upon

· Cheerleader for underdogs of all descriptions

· Academic advisor

· Finder of lost objects

· The person who can make or break a student’s year.

Did I cover everything? Most like not!

Enjoy your summer. You have earned it and will earn it again. Teachers Rock!

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