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Donna Gerard


Donna Gerard has a BA in sociology, state teaching certification K-8, an MA in Middle School Science, and state endorsements in middle school science, secondary social studies, and secondary social science.

More importantly, she had 34 years of teaching experience including K-12 substitute teaching, K-4 basic skills math and reading, social studies 5-8, grades 1,5,6 language arts, math, science, and social studies, grade 6 health, and science grade 7-8.  She has taught students classified as special education, gifted and talented, cusp students, ELL, and general program. 

Gerard was a practitioner of learning stations, project based learning, basal readers, formal spelling programs, phonics, whole language, call and response, book learning, hands-on learning, multiple intelligences, computer based learning, individualized instruction, and cooperative learning, to name a few "come and gone" initiatives.  She drew the conclusion that every trend in education has merit and should be used, but none are the “answer” to how to teach students and should be used exclusively. 

Aside from teaching, Gerard loves everything water based, from swimming laps to parasailing and kayaking.  She is an avid game player, a die-hard Star Trek fan, and an aspiring world traveler.  She lives in New Jersey with her husband and her part-time dog.

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