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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Making A Difference.

You will make a difference in people’s lives.

Imagine waking up and not having the skills you learned in school.

· You pick up your phone, intending to read your e-mails. You can’t understand the words.

· You go to your job as an engineer. There’s a meeting today about the bridge you’ve been helping to design. You no longer understand what your colleagues are talking about, and you have nothing to contribute to the conversation.

· You go shopping but you can’t compare prices or estimate how much you’re spending.

· You have to order food for your restaurant, but you can’t figure out how much to order.

No matter where life takes us, we need the basic skills we learned and practiced in school. While reading, writing, and arithmetic are the most obvious skills we need on a daily basis, we also gained other kinds of basic knowledge. If we can interpret the weather report, understand how the government is structured, read music, use the vocabulary needed to communicate within our professions- that’s because our teachers gave us those tools.

It is our education that brings us choices. Doctor, production manager, florist, chef, police officer, archaeologist, graphic designer, news reporter? With a basic education, you can move ahead to specialize in any area you wish. As a teacher, you have the chance to give these choices to your students. It has been said that teaching is the profession that makes all the other professions. As a teacher, you give choices, chances, and futures to the hundreds that will come your way as students.

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